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  Quality Reputation Service
  Our latest plasticizers, ‘Polyther Polyol Benzoate’ & ‘Diethylene Glycol Dibenzoate (DEBD)’, are the pioneer products those have gained the great awards and best reputations from domestic and international customers since launching into the market.
  Under the same production environment, DEBD can substitute DOP or DBP because it can speed up the finish time for mixing & plasticizing. It can save up higher input energy and improve the product properties of lightness and stability, furthermore, it is provided with many characters such as lower volatility, oil resistance, water resistance, stain resistance and excellent light variance. As the plasticizer, its low temperature resistance is superior to DOP so that it is much suitable for most of resins such as polyvinyl chloride.
  Our latest researching products, ‘Methanol Gasoline Additive’ & ‘New-style Corrosion Resistant Coating of Natural Gas Pipeline’, will be launching soon as well.
  Sanjie Chemical Industry Ltd. Puyang city Henan province is a large chemical enterprise having perfect management system, high quality control and long cooperation relationship with different research organizations in China. We welcome to have any potential cooperation with domestic or worldwide customers as well as business partners in the near future.
  As the neighbour of SINOPEC Zhong Yuan Branch Company, we locate in Puyang City of Henan Province in China. Puyang is rich with crude oil (3 million tons mined per year ) and natural gas ( over 20 billions M3 mined per year). These unique advantages enable its pioneer development of petrochemical industry.
  Besides, Puyang is honored by the National Sanitary City,the National Gardens City,the National Civilization City,the Chinese Splendid Tourist City,the Dragon Culture cradle. It has excellent communications through the boundaries of Henan, Hebei and Shandong that enriches Puyang herself being an elegant civilization and tourist attractions city.

Sanjie Chemical Industry Ltd. Puyang city Henan province
Address: No. 28 Zhong Yuan Road Puyang City Henan Province China Postal Code: 457000 
TEL: 86 0393 4890518  FAX: 86 0393 4897890
EMAIL: pysanjie@pysanjie.com
Hong Kong Office:Address: 1/F Block A 210 Sheung Cheung Wai Yuen Long N.T., HK Contact: Mr. KC Chan
TEL: 852-63933413